BILSTEIN 8112 Coilovers w/ Internal Double Bypass for 05-18 Toyota Tacoma – LIMITED NUMBER IN STOCK!

BILSTEIN 8112 Coilovers w/ Internal Double Bypass for Toyota Tacoma – LIMITED NUMBER IN STOCK!

Thats right! After two years of development and testing Bilstein has released a limited number of the Bilstein 8112 Coilovers w/ Internal Double Bypass & Reservoirs for the ultimate in bolt on suspension performance. The technology found on championship winning offroad race trucks is now available as a bolt on suspension solution. The first 8112 coilover kit to be released is be for the extremely popular 2005 – 2018 Toyota Tacoma (Bilstein 47-269279). This kit includes 1x 41-269282 & 1x 41-269299 Left & Right coilover. Moore Racing Technology is the first to offer these kits to customers with a limited number of front coilover systems now in stock.


BILSTEIN has finally released the long awaited, patented ZoneControl™ 8112 coilover system. This application specific bolt-in coilover module combines remote reservoirs, anodized aluminum components, position sensitive valving features, exclusive race style fittings, and an double-bypass, triple valve system that is not found on any other coilover system n the market. All of these features are packaged in a kit that will elevate your driving experience, both on and off road. These shocks debuted at SEMA 2016, and now after over a year of testing and development, the Bilstein 8112 Series Adjustable Coilover product is now ready for your Toyota Tacoma. This kit is designed for the serious off-road enthusiast, and is a declaration of BILSTEIN’s commitment to revamp their efforts in the off-road industry. Completely owner rebuildable, the 8100 Series of shocks will be available for a wide range of vehicles in the future. The remote reservoir, attached with a high temperature hose, provides a greater resistance to heat and adds to the fade-free performance BILSTEIN’s monotube technology is known for. Recognizing the unforgiving environments in which the 8100 Series would need to perform, BILSTEIN opted to use a 22mm case hardened piston rod, a high temperature 3-stage sealing system, and the highest quality billet machined components for long lasting performance and durability.


BILSTEIN’s all-new B8 8112 shock absorber contains patented ZoneControl® CR technology; a position sensitive damping system with 3 compression zones and 2 rebound zones, controlled by 3 independent working pistons. Additionally, B8 8112 shock absorbers feature rebound cut-off (RCO) technology which is a secondary rebound piston that provides seamless and smooth spring deceleration. B8 8112 shock absorbers are a direct fit 60mm coilover with a 60mm remote reservoir and custom spring.

The rear B8 8100 (Bypass) direct-fit shocks have high flow bypass tubes that offer position sensitive damping with independent external adjustment for rebound and compression.

The first 8112 coilover kit to be released is for the extremely popular 2005 – 2018 Toyota Tacoma (Bilstein 47-269279). The matching rear 8100 double bypass shocks are part numbers 25-269802 (L), 25-269819 (R).


In 2016, the BILSTEIN team drove their 2016 SEMA booth vehicle completely off-road from their US headquarters in Poway, (San Diego) California to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 400 plus mile trip included some of the roughest terrain found in the US, and took them over gravel, sand, rocks, jumps, washouts and whoops. The 8112 coilovers and 8100 rear bypass shocks were unfazed. The adventure started in Poway, CA and ended at the legendary 104 year old Pioneer Saloon (Goodsprings, Nevada). The team was greeted by select, invited BILSTEIN VIP customers and media, followed by food, drinks, epic video of the adventure and the official presentation of our new shock series.


Following the stop at the Pioneer Saloon, the trucks were be driven straight to the SEMA Show and parked in the BILSTEIN booth, dirt and all.

Moore Racing Technology is the first to offer the Bilstein ZoneControl 8112 Truck & Offroad suspension line. Contact us today to discuss what upgrades we can offer for your rig!








  • Pistonhead says:

    OK, this is fantastic and all but when are we getting the 8112s specific for our FJs, my mates & I have been waiting patiently since a long time now.. Jeez guys, please release them already!!

    • admin says:

      We couldnt agree with you more. These shocks are packed with amazing technology buy Bilstein has been way too slow to the game getting them on the market. A new product shouldnt take 18 months to launch! Having said that, these current 05-18 Tacoma 8112s will bolt into the 03-09 4Runner / 07-09 FJ. Being that the FJ Cruiser is almost identical to the Tacoma in weight, the performance difference will be marginal.

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